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Baby’s First Dental Visit

April 17, 2017

Baby’s First Dental Visit

You made it! Your baby smashed his cake and opened his gifts and most importantly is thriving in his first year of life; time to add one more milestone… baby’s first dental visit. The American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children having their first visit when the first tooth appears, or at age one. At Wasilla Dental Center, Dr. Coffman is in this very stage with his son Parker as he just turned one in March… and boy did Parker ever enjoy his cake!


Our dentists encourage parents to bring in their kids after their first birthday for a few reasons.  


It provides an opportunity for early education on dental care

The dentist and hygienist will give proper instruction on care for baby teeth and gums; they will also help to introduce children to the feel of a toothbrush. This early introduction makes it easier for them to start brushing their teeth on their own around the age of three. In the case of Dr. Coffman’s household the kids like to brush their teeth all on their own to start, then mama and daddy go back through for a proper brushing. It is crucial to involve kids in this process so that they aren’t afraid and learn to enjoy oral hygiene.


We can assess potential dental problems

Baby bottle tooth decay, teeth misalignment due to sucking and potential speech patterns are a few areas of concern that can be corrected before bigger issues emerge.


It reduces the fear of dentist in the future

Establishing a good relationship with a dentist early on will provide a lifetime of good oral health.


What To Expect

After checking in for his appointment, our caring staff will escort you and your child back for a fun adventure in tooth cleaning with one of our dentists who will take the time to make the experience positive. They will walk you and your child through counting their teeth, tickling them with the toothbrush and emphasizing how important it is to take care of those pearly whites. The child will remain in your lap or in the big kid chair if they want while Dr. Coffman or Dr. Cassell does a quick exam just to make sure everything looks like it is progressing normally. This is a very fast 30-minute process that is crucial to getting your child on the right track for a lifetime of good oral health.


Early dental appointments are one of the best choices you can make for your child. Our family friendly staff at Wasilla Dental Center has provided forty years of service in the Mat-Su and we look forward to bringing your family into ours.


Call 376-5315 today to schedule your baby’s first dental visit.


Dr. Coffman with his family, celebrating Parker’s first birthday! Shout out to the wonderful Kendra from LaCroix Photography for all the fabulous cake smash pictures.


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