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The Dangers of Grazing...Keeping those Tiny Teeth Healthy

February 5, 2018

As parents we know that the key to having happy kids, especially young kids is keeping them from being tired and hungry.  We also understand that when dealing with picky eaters it is often easier to allow them to eat all day long, little portions of a food that they enjoy.  We have been there and are there with our son.  However, when looking at ways to keep those tiny teeth healthy and to start our children off on a positive dental note it is crucial to avoid the “grazing” habit.

Dr. Coffman explains regularly to his patients that grazing is defined simply as consuming anything in-between typical meal times.  He will go on to explain that each time you eat something, the bacteria in your mouth starts to turn those particles into an acid.  This acid breaks down the enamel on your teeth, thus weakening the teeth and leading to cavities.  When you have a grazing lifestyle this process is happening all day long. 


The key as parents is to prevent these issues with our kids by stressing the importance of not eating outside of meal times.  A typical day for a young child would include three full meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks in between those meal times.  If you limit the kids to only drinking water outside of these meals then you are instilling a healthy routine for their dental hygiene.   Of course, you are also continuing to brush their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes and flossing once a day for their daily care. 


The fact is that raising kids is hard and working to give our kids healthy habits across the board is something all parents strive to do.  At Wasilla Dental Center we are here to help you reach these goals by providing education and working with you to keep those tiny teeth healthy.  


February is National Children’s Dental Health month and at WDC we are ready to celebrate!  This month’s 17 and under patients will be entered to win an automatic toothbrush!  Kids who share a coloring sheet with us will be entered to win a gift basket! (link below) And there is still time to get in on the 6 month check up GRAND PRIZE drawing!!!


So if you have been thinking of calling and getting your kids into the office now is the month to do it!!!  Call us today at 376-5315 to schedule their appointments!





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